Cocoa Beach Florida Visitors Guide

Cocoa beach, east of Orlando, is one of Florida’s original holiday destinations. A popular beach day for holiday makers visiting and staying at the theme parks in Orlando, Cocoa is within easy reach of International Drive and the Theme Parks and provides the legs with a little rest from walking many miles around Disney etc.

Cocoa Beach Walkway Florida - TravelammoMiles of beautiful golden beaches, reliably warm waters in summer and plenty of space makes this the perfect beach for a family day out. Be your wish to make the most of laying in the sun, having a game of beach volleyball or even a refreshing swim in the ocean you will find plenty on offer. If your looking to buy lunch in the area and not bringing a picnic with you then there a plentiful small restaurants, snack bars and during the summer season concessions available on the beach.

Ron Jons Surf Shop Cocoa Beach - TravelammoNot being a large resort type beach you will find like many of Florida’s east coast beaches, the beach runs along the main road separated only by modestly sized hotels. Along the main strip you will find your usual selection of small shops, petrol stations and restaurants all be it most are a decent walk from one another. You will however find there are a little more grouped together at the main beach entrance where you will also find the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop which is located one block further back on the A1A/N Atlantic Ave.

Cocoa beach lying just to the south of Merit Island, Home of the Kennedy Space complex and Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, forms part of Florida’s space coast and offer the perfect place to watch a rocket launch. See here for launch schedule.

Getting to the beach by car you wold usually arrive, if coming from more than 20 miles away, via the US Hwy 520 from the I95. The 520 will lead you all the way across the many causeways finally leading to US A1A/North Atlantic Avenue. Cross directly over to E Cocoa Beach Causeway and onto Ocean Beach Blvd.

Parking: Once on Ocean Beach Blvd you will find plenty of beach side parking lots both on meters and attended. Spaces are usually always to be found although the busier the day the further away from the pier in either direction you may have to travel.

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