Niagara Falls Canada Visitors Guide

Located in the south of Ontario and 60km as the crow flies from Toronto, Niagara Falls is probably one of the worlds most famous natural land marks.

Niagara falls is actually the collective name for three individual falls, Horse Shoe, American and Bridal.

As you would expect the city of Niagara falls attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and to be honest the main area around the falls is no more than a giant tourist resort. The main streets are either lined with hotels and restaurants or souvenir shops, amusement arcade and other assorted tourist attractions. Lets face it, there is honestly only so much time can be spent looking at the majestic falls.

Niagara Fall American Falls - TravelammoSo the falls are not hidden in the centre of picture perfect tropical jungle location and you cant strip off and jump into a  beautifully warm blue lagoon at the base of the falls with your travailing companions, do so and your likely to get hypothermia for a start. What the falls do offer is the chance to feel the power of over 100 million liters of water thumping down from a height of over 50 meters. Its a sound you can hear from hundreds of meters away, in fact you don’t really even need a town map, just follow your ears and you will find yourself at the falls.

If you’ve heard of the falls you have probably heard of the Maid of the Mist. This boat tour is actually operated from the american side of the falls but tickets are  readily available at outlets throughout the falls area and the boat picks up on the Canadian side south of the Rainbow bridge.  The tour only runs throughout the summer months and usually start mid April.

Niagara Falls From Below - TravelammoAnother top tourist pick is the Journey behind the falls. To the right of Horseshoe falls, the larger of the three and the only one within Canadian territory you will find a large white building, this houses restaurants, small museums, souvenir shops and the ticket booths along with the entrance to the tour. Once you have descended below the tour is self guided allowing you to explore the various platforms and tunnels below. Several tickets types are available and the available viewing platforms can vary due to weather and time of year.

Niagara Falls Wheel - TravelammoOnce you’ve spent your time at the falls the chances are you will head into town to seek further amusement and aside from the various casinos you will probably find your self on Clifton hill where you will find casual dinning, arcades and attractions such as Ripley’s Believe it or not and the large viewing wheel not to forget the Crazy golf. If the hustle and bustle of the amusements are not your thing then located nearby and fronting the falls are some beautiful parks. Open with lots of seating the parks are perfect for relaxing in the sun with the sound of the crashing water in the distance not forgetting a view of the falls also.

Niagara facts and figures:

    • Over 163,000,000 Litres flow over the falls at peak times.
    • Used for Hydro-Electric power generation to over 160,000 homes.
    • Directly on the border between Canada and the USA.
    • Last estimates expected 30 million visitors annually.
    • Home to the famous Maid of the Mist.

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