Vast, open and reaching into the arctic circle, Canada offers extreme adventure, long mountainous roads, and unspoiled fauna and flora around every turn.

With a over third of the population concentrated in the four largest cities of Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and the capital, Ottawa, much of the rest of the population reside in small towns and villages often separated by great distances and spreading as far north as Resolute on Cornwallis Island.  Canada also lays claim  to the northern most settlement in the world to the north of Ellesmere Island, although this is mostly inhabited by Canadian Military and Civilian staff maintaining defense resources.

Climate and geology shares a commonality in that extremity is king. Whilst summer time temperatures in the southern plains close to the border with the united states have recorded highs of 40ºC, it is not uncommon for winter day time temperatures in populated areas to reach as low as -40ºC. With much of the northern provinces and territories being arctic in terms of climate the ground is often thick with permafrost year round. The southern most states often experience a more civil climate where average summer highs are in the low 30ºC’s and winter lows average around minus 5ºC.

Predominantly populated by people of European ethnic origin the language most widely spoken is English, although around twenty percent of the population speaking French as their first language.

Popular Destinations and Attractions in Canada:

Major Cities of Canada:

    • Calgary, Alberta.
    • Edmonton, Alberta.
    • Hamilton, Ontario.
    • Montreal, Quebec.
    • Ottawa, Ontario.
    • Quebec, Quebec.
    • Toronto, Ontario.
    • Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Canada’s International Airports:

    • Calgary International Airport – YYC
    • MacDonald Cartier International Airport, Ottawa – YOW
    • Vancouver International Airport – YVR

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