Dubai has over 13 million visitors a year

With year round sunshine and warm waters, some of the worlds finest hotels and shopping like nowhere else, Dubai is a favorite holiday destination of tourists from all over the globe.

So what other than the year round hot weather attracts over a million visitors every month. Well the answer is Dubai offers just about everything you could ever wish for, that`s why its a favorite with the rich and famous and even if your not an A list celebrity, you sure will be treated like one.

Miles and miles of beaches, and if that was not enough, Dubai built a few hundred kilometers more with the Palm Island project and the world islands projects which added valuable prime beach front real estate available to large hotels and resorts and high end private villas. The Atlantis hotel made the most of this by building its iconic world class hotel, resort and water park at the tip of the Palm Jumeirah.

5 star hotels in Dubai is considered the Normal and most will go above and beyond to offer you everything you could ever wish for. Want a helicopter to take you out to the desert for a camel ride and some dune surfing, sure they will arrange that. Want to be picked up form the airport in a pristine white Rolls Royce? well this is just the everyday norm for visitors to the self acclaimed 7 star Burj Al Arab.

You want it, Dubai will do its very best to deliver it and if you want some ideas of what to do see our list below to give you some ideas to ask your concierge to arrange.

Some of the worlds top Sporting events including:

  • Dubai Classic Golf Championship
  • Barclays Dubai Tennis Championship
  • UIM World Powerboat racing tour.
  • Dubai Classic Snooker tournament.

Tourist attractions in Dubai:

  • Wadi Wadi Water park
  • Dubai Zoo
  • Al Fahidi Fort
  • Dubai Sports City.
  • Sega Republic
  • Burj Khalifa

Shopping in Dubai:

  • The Dubai Mall
  • Sunset Mall
  • Mall of the Emirates.

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