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The Site, Travelammo, we and us refer to Travelammo.com

1. Use of information contained within:

1.1 The information contained within the site is a guide only and shall be used as such.

1.2 Information is offered with the best intent and is to the best of our knowledge current at the time of publishing of a particular article. We accept no responsibility for losses resulting in actions taken on the base of information that may be out of date.

1.3 All information displaying prices, maps, availability, opening times should be used only as a guide also, please check with the company with which you book with for final details.

2. Use and reproduction of content:

2.1 All media including text, imagery and videos are the copyright of Travelammo.com and shall not be reproduced unless with explicit permission unless outlined in section 2.2 & 2.3.

2.2 Page extracts may be reproduced for the purposes of referencing  and linking to the original page on Travelammo.com

2.3 Extracts reproduced must be done so in the original and unchanged format including and not limited to text.

3. Copyright

3.1 All material contained within the site is Copyright of Travelammo.com.

3.2 Logos  of third party company’s are the Copyright of the respective company and shall not be copied or reproduced from content within the Site.

3.3 Advertisements served by third parties are the copyright of the advertiser and should not be reproduced from the site. For more information contact the advertiser directly.

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