1.1 Exchange Rates:

The rates displayed are spot rates quoted at the time detailed on the bottom of the page, all rate are for indicative use only. Please remember that rate of exchange will vary depending on your chosen exchange outlet. We recommend where possible to buy your currency in advance and be careful of charges and fees for using your card abroad.

1.2 Destination Guides:

The opinions expressed on this site with regards to destinations are our own and should only be used to help you get a brief overview. Whilst we endeavor to keep the details as up to date as possible please be aware the world is a constantly evolving place and some information may not be current.

1.3 Hotel, Airport and Parking Information:

Hotel, Airport and parking information is given as accurately as possible at time of posting, please check directly with the Hotel, Airport or Parking company for specific details that may effect you travel.
1.4 Accuracy of information
We will try our best where possible to ensure that all information contained within this site is up to date. We can not be held responsible for costs or liabilities incurred if the information proves to be out of date or inaccurate. We do insist that all information contained within is to be use as a guide and final details should be sought with vendors etc.

1.5 Third Party Content

Some Visual, text and media content is provided by third parties including and not exclusive to advertising media. Whilst we do our best to control this content we cannot be responsible if you believe it is inappropriate, misleading or offensive. However if you have reason to believe something you have seen is unsuitable please contact us.
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