Nevada Visitor Information

Nevada is quoted as the driest state in the United States with a temperature range not seen in any other state.  The states highest recorded temperature  was 52°C and the lowest recorded -47°C set in 1972.

The state comprises of semiarid and desert climate and because of which has very little rainfall, in fact, statewide the average annual rainfall is only 180mm. The southern Tip of Nevada, including Las Vegas is encompassed by the vast Mojave Desert which also covers parts of California, Utah and Arizona.

Apart from being the famous home to the so called Area 51, Nevada is also home to the city of Las Vegas, the famed gambling capital of the world.  Gambling and aliens aside,  Nevada has much to offer the sightseer and can offer either some good stop over locations on a road trip or a week or mores stay in the Las Vegas area.

Nevada Town, Cities, Destinations and Attractions.

  • Las Vegas
  • Spring Valley State Park
  • Reno
  • Hoover Dam
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