Cabin Ban on Electronics Update

25th March 2017

With the announcement last week that there was going to be a ban on most electronic devices on flights from certain destinations bound for the United States, to which the UK then followed suit,  we now have a little more information and some details of how some airlines are looking to assist their passengers.

The Bans of both the British and USA variant come in to force today.

Restrictions on flights bound for the UK affect flights originating from Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Restrictions on flights bound for the USA originating from Turkey, Kuwait, Morocco, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.

The Ban precludes all electronic devices from being taken into the main cabin with the exception of mobile phones and essential medical equipment.

All devices that are part of the restriction will have to placed in checked baggage.

So what are the Airlines doing about this?

Well some of them not a lot at the moment but Turkish Airlines has been the first to come up with a solution, even if only temporary and maybe not to everyone’s liking.

Turkish airlines will essentially let you hand in your electronic devices at the gate where they will be wrapped and placed in communal hard sided cases which will be placed in the hold. These can then be claimed at the gate when you reach either the UK or the USA.

British Airways on the other hand, whilst not offering a similar service yet has announced that when passengers have booked a cabin baggage only flight they will be allowed now check a bag for free to enable you to take your electronics home with you. The only issue is there are big restrictions to this. You need to have booked your ticket before 22nd March 2017 for travel before the 4th April 2017. Anything outside that you will need to pay for a checked bag should you be on a hand baggage only ticket.


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