Visa Information

Most foreign travel for holiday purposes requires a tourist visa of one type or another, this does not however mean you always need to apply before you travel as many countries operate either on arrival tourist visa`s or visa wavier schemes. The most important thing to do before you travel is to find out which type you need and if you need to formally apply before travel. For a full tourist visa ensure you have time before travel to make the application and receive it back.

Full tourist visas are usually valid for years rather than weeks as is the case with entry type visa`s. They usually also incur a higher fee due to the more thorough checks that will be made.

Remember the rules surrounding visas are simple but strict. Many counties will often require full visas if you hold a criminal record and if so, they could well refuse or restrict your entry.

For visa information regarding travel to specific country please select you intended destination from below:

  • Australia
  • India
  • UK
  • USA
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