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Capital Hill Washington DC

Take in the east coast of the USA – Drive I-95

When holiday makers dream of a road trip in america, route 66 is usually the first hing that comes to mind. Although of course this is one of the most famous tourist drives in the United States, holidays makers planning a trip to North America would be wise to consider the alternatives such as driving I-95.

Palm Lined I95 TravelammoWhilst there is nothing wrong with traveling the length of Route 66, it is certainly a worthwhile adventure, Interstate 95 has just as much to offer. What other road trip could honestly offer the beauty of the Maine’s green and lush countryside, Cities like New York and Washington DC, the southern states with their rich culture and of course the glorious sunshine state of Florida. Driving from north to south though several climate zones, temperatures will warm with everyday and the scenery will transform from green pastures, though dense pine forests on to the tropical surroundings and palms of the everglades and Florida Keys.

Boston Massachusetts - TravelammoOur Favored direction would be north to south and to allow as many days as your trip allows to rest and relax in the warmth and sunshine of Florida before your long flight home, this is especially relevant if only driving the one way. Allowing a good few days in your final destination also gives flexibility should you find extra stop offs and places of interest along your drive, the need for an extra over night on route wont be a problem knowing you have flexible nights at the end of your stay.

What states does the I-95 take you through?

Beginning in Maine right on the border with Canada, I-95 continues on through the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and finally Florida.

River Street Savannah TravelammoThe I-95, being a major trunk road for traffic heading north and south on the east coast of the United States, there is certainly no shortage of places to get your head down for the night. With many major cities dotted along the route accommodation options are plentiful form metropolitan hotels in the heart of the cities to easy and cheap motels alongside the Interstate.

Florida Sign - TravelammoThroughout the journey along I-95, like many interstates there is plenty of rest areas, virtually all of which are extremely well maintained and provide picnic areas, vending machines, toilets and tourist information services. On the border of each state you will find Welcome centers, we thoroughly recommend these as stop off points as they include all the rest area services along with usually manned tourist information offices packed with knowledgeable staff, Info leaflets and vouchers. Handy state maps are unusually on offer for free also.

Of course with any road trip a little planning is wise although not necessary, as long as you arrive at your final destination on time and you’ve packed plenty in then you will have for filled your goal. That is the great thing about driving a single interstate, you have your plan, its already printed on a map, the adventure is discovering whats along the way. Booking hotels is not even essential as almost all will accept walk ins, although costs will always be higher. We do however recommend that you choose the places you wish to spend some time in and make these you key objectives which will dictate your driving needs.

Route highlights:

    • Explore the historic Coast of Rhode Island.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    • New York, New York.
    • Boston, Massachusetts.
    • Washington DC.
    • Savannah, Georgia.
    • Daytona Beach, Florida.
    • Cocoa Beach, Florida.
    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    • Miami, Florida.

If your looking to explore further afield from the interstate then there is even more on offer including Kill devil Hills and the Wright Brothers museum on the outer banks of north Carolina, Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

Top Tips:

  • Plan your driving distance each day so you don’t spend endless hours on the road.
  • Get off the interstate and plan time for unexpected finds.
  • Do stop in all the Welcome centers and browse the information of offer.
  • Don`t rush and take in the view.
  • Mix your accommodation types, Plush hotels are great but nothing beats the ease of a Motel just of the route.
  • Personally we have found a long drive like this is more pleasurably in a large SUV rental, it affords the comfort and extra space that will make the journey much more comfortable when spending lengthy times in the car. Remember it will also be your daytime home.

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Warwick Castle - Warwickshire - England

Warwick Castle – England – UK

Dominating the landscape in the town of Warwick, England stands one of the UK’s grandest of Britain’s Medieval Castles.

Warwick castle mound Merlin group englandBeautifully restored and renovated yet keeping all its original architecture the castle and grounds are open to visitors year round to explore this unspoiled haven of history. Unlike many castles in England, Warwick is almost entirely accessible to viewing by the public. From the grand country manor house to the deep dungeons with their historic and gruesome past, everything is on display and virtually nothing is off limits, with the exception of the precious and delicate artifacts on display.

Warwick Castle - travelammoThe original castle was first established in 1068 when it once stood constructed in wood. It was only some 100 years later that the conversion to stone began. Over the centuries after ownership changes hands many times with each king, earl, count and countesses adding their own extensions and additions whilst modernising as technology advanced over time. In the early 17th century, the castle being mostly abandoned by military use and in a state of ruin, was renovated to include the addition of the grand and hugely reinforced country manor house which still stands today.

Warwick Castle Armory TravelammoSeeing its fair share of conflict throughout the centuries it military and royal owners sought to create an impermeable structure and therefore improvements were continuously being made to thwart any advancement in the enemies armory. Evidence of this is clear throughout and some areas of extension still reveal the original foundations they were designed to further fortify.

Castle courtyard at Warwick castle england travelammoNow however, the moat is dry and the castle as it stands is a increasingly popular tourist attraction. In fact it is not only recently the public has had an interest in viewing the secrets of the past hidden within. Over the last few centuries during times of peace, various owners have sought to seek income from the inquisitive public and visitors from all over the world have been reported paying to gain entry.

A guide to the current Warwick Castle attraction:

Entering through the original Stables courtyard which now house the ticket sales and one of the many restaurants, admission is gained into the almost 700 acres of gardens and grounds that surround the main castle. Lined with ancient trees and beautiful flower beds, paths wind their way around the grounds leading the way between the selection of attractions, picnic areas and stalls selling treats and drinks.

from the top of Warwick castleEntrance to the courtyard is made passing through one of the original castle entrances where you will be met by entertainers and displays. It is from within the main courtyard area where access is gained to the Country Manor House wing displaying artifices and exhibits depicting its past. Entrance is also available to he Warwick Dungeons with tours at regular intervals.

castle spiral stairway travelammoOne of the more popular attractions is the ability to freely walk around and within the castle walls and towers gaining and insight to what is was once like for soldiers and archers that once rallied thought he tight stairwells and corridors to defend the Castle.

Warick Castle eagle - TravelammoThroughout the day the castle has a program stacked full of shows, exhibitions and displays including jousting, birds of prey, archery and examples of traditional craft, building and cooking skills. Warwick castle really is a full on family day out for children and adults of all ages. Throughout the year the castle often hosts special late opening nights and events such as around Halloween and Christmas.

Tickets are available in several different formats with a basic Family ticket through to a fully inclusive passes including entrance to exclusive exhibits and attractions. Being part of the Merlin Entertainment Group those with annual Merlin Passes can gain entry as part of their package.

Tickets are available from the official website: Warwick castle.

Quick facts and tips:

    • Take a picnic to enjoy on some of the beautiful lawns.
    • Make time to see the many displays on throughout the day.
    • Lookout for details of over night stay within the grounds in traditional tents or in the Tower Suites.
    • If you’ve spare time in the area visit the beautiful surrounding town of Warwick.
clearwater beach and boardwalk florida

Clearwater-Florida Travel Guide

Situated to the west of the Tampa Bay, Clearwater is a popular holiday destination for both international and national tourists.

Lined with coral sand beaches  and beautiful state parks on the outer islands along its gulf coast, the area attracts millions of visitors looking for a relaxing break in the sun annually. Clearwater has far more to offer than just beaches, the area is renowned for its sporting activities both on and off the water, fishing, wildlife and fine dining.

For those looking for beaches though, there is no better location with the famous Clearwater Beach just over the memorial Bridge, the energetic Indian Rocks Beach to the south and the beautiful State parks of Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island.

If your looking for a gentle cruise and dinner on the water or maybe some deep see fishing the marina areas has lots of deals on offer. St Petersburg , south of Clearwater is also the location of the Tropicana Field Stadium, home to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team if your looking to watch a sporting event.

The area is also home to some of the area finest hotels and resorts in the Tampa bay area and is often a top destination for visitors to the city of Tampa being only a short drive over the Bay Bridges.

Top Local attractions and destinations:

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